Why Choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers for Your Winter Wedding

When you're designing your wedding flower arrangements, it's often tempting to step away from seasonal blooms. This is especially so when you're having a winter wedding, as there are fewer colours to choose from and therefore less variety. However, this doesn't mean winter flowers won't work to your advantage. From their delicate scents to their versatility, there are many reasons to choose flowers that only grow during Australia's winter. 

You can enjoy fresh and subtle colours

When you're creating a mental image of your dream bouquet, it's easy to fall into the trap of craving vibrant colours. Australia's winter flowers typically have paler tones, so you may feel as though they're a little plain. However, when you bring them together they create a whimsical appearance and carry plenty of soothing scents, making them ideal for a winter wedding. Flowers such as lavender, primrose, and Daphne all blossom during the winter and as you don't need to import them, they'll last longer.

Seasonal flowers will lend themselves to your wedding theme

If you're planning a winter wedding with a seasonal theme, importing summer colours will disrupt it. Alongside the right blooms, using twigs and foliage as a part of your centre piece design will bring the room to life and make your winter theme more obvious. 

Winter colours blend well with most themes

Even if your theme isn't seasonal, you'll find that Australia's winter flowers blend well with almost any theme. As they're usually plainer in colour, you don't have to worry about clashes. This makes it easier to give your decor or outfits a floral edge, without losing sleep over your arrangements clashing with anything else in the room. 

It's an eco-friendly option that allows you to support local businesses

Although it's possible to import just about anything from anywhere, ordering seasonal wedding flowers is an excellent eco-friendly opportunity. Not only do you avoid ordering from abroad, you make it easy for smaller local businesses to fulfil your design needs without having to spend most of their margins on expensive imports. Using a local florist works to your advantage to, as they have a sound knowledge of the nearby area and which flowers work well there, allowing them to create bouquets that last longer.

If you feel as though winter wedding flowers may work for you, start talking to a florist about your overall theme. With a little collaboration, you can create bouquets and displays that bring your wedding to life.